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Alita develops big data computing from traditional PC Server to mobile devices for the first time by establishing a credible computing market based on blockchain and providing a decentralized cross-platform and terminal scheduling system, and has strong heterogeneous computing scheduling ability.

So far, Gravity-App is only available on android phone with version 6.0 or above.


Download link:client,[Click here]

  • Unregistered users please get the invitation code to register first
  • Users follow the public account【Alita技术社区】,The background to reply【邀请码】,Apply for the exclusive invitation code online.
  • Finished

Account setting

  • Log in/Register


The user registers his/her account with the mobile phone number, and then has his/her account automatically assigned by Alita platform. When consuming, the user can use the mobile phone account and Alita to allocate the account key to operate funds.

Users use ethereum account as their primary account. Please do not forget to back up KEYSTORE or WHALL WALLET.If the keystore is lost, your funds cannot be accessed.

  • Start
  • Enter the main interface
  • Execute
  • Click the "provide CPU/MEN" button to share computing power

CPU/MEN sharing is only available now

  • Start node
  • Node state
  • Operation interface
  • Asset interface

Token excitation can be obtained by providing computing power for Alita platform


All computing providers should use the ethereum address as their unique identifier.This address is called the "main address" and is used for:

1.The address to which token incentives are received by Alita (market smart contracts send tokens obtained from user-provided resources to this address)

2.Link to personal data certificates, transaction statistics, contact information, etc

3.Alita asset account

Contact us

We will provide technical support around the clock,

If you encounter any trouble or problem when using our products, you can contact us through the following ways:

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